Thoughts : Gypsy


Recently, I came across this new Netflix original series, Gyspy. The title alone was enough to catch my interest. The tag line is what really hooked me, though. “Who are you when no one is watching?” That’s a question I’m sure people more often than not have about everyone around them.

The show is about a psychotherapist, Jean, who gets WAY to involved in her patients’ lives, without their knowledge of course. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about this. Obviously, it’s extremely wrong and breaks all the rules. I thought, maybe she was doing it to try and better understand the lives of her patients. As time went on, it became obvious to me this is not the case. It’s almost similar to many shows we see where there is an older man trying to relive his younger years, basically going through a mid life crisis. However, I’m not sure that we can boil Jean’s case down to just a simple mid life crisis. There is a lot more at stake. Jean wants to escape her life as a suburban Connecticut housewife. She wants to escape that realm completely. She wants to escape to the carefree, free-spirited ways of her younger self. It’s got a very nostalgic feel.

The title song is one of my favorite songs. If you remember the song “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac, it is about a woman who (like Jean) is nostalgic for her younger years / past life. The opening lyrics of the song immediately tell you what the song is going to be about : So I’m back to the velvet underground / Back to the floor that I love / To a room with some lace and paper flowers / Back to the gypsy that I was to the gypsy that I was. If that doesn’t give you a nostalgic wanting for the younger years, I don’t know what will.

Plus, Stevie Nicks even did an acoustic recording on the song for the theme of the show (it’s amazing, in case you were wondering)!

Overall, I like the show. I’m on episode five and still hooked on it. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend watching it!



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