The Great Debate : Bags

Purses VS Backpacks… Which do you prefer to carry? Why?

This has always been a hard decision for me.

I currently carry around a purse, but I’ve carried a backpack before. When I am on campus, I always have my backpack with me. It’s much easier because of my books and laptop/tablet. But when I’m not in class, I usually like to carry my purse.

Sometimes I think that it might be more practical to carry around a backpack. Usually they are better to carry more things, sometimes purses can get super heavy (like when you stick your laptop in it). But if you have a backpack, it’s easier to carry and you aren’t putting all the weight on one shoulder. Majority of my friends carry backpacks, I’m usually the only one carrying a purse!

But what do you think?

Are you team purse or team backpack?



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