Fashion – April 2017

April wasn’t a big month of discovery for me with the exception of a new pair of TOMS. I found them when I was in Cincinnati, exploring different malls in the area. I came across them at a Journeys and had to get them!  I love the brand because of what they do, just by buying a pair of their shoes you get to help those who are in need. It’s a win-win.

These boots were exactly what I had been in search for the past few months. I had been in search of a pair of booties that would be comfortable enough that I could wear at work, but nice enough that I could easily transform them into shoes fit for a night out. Not only were they perfect looks wise, but the price was right! Originally $100, I got them for less than half the price! They were on sale for $30. I immediately asked for my size.

They are pull ons that slip on and off easily. The first time I put them on, I had to give them a little more of a tug, but as you wear them more and more it’s much easier to slip on and off. They fit perfectly over your jeans. They have a small heel on them, but nothing too major (it won’t make your feet hurt after being on them all day). I wear them to work, to go out, and to run errands. They are a great pair of shoes to have!

You can find them here at Journeys!



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