Welcome to Fearless in Flannel ~

Why did I chose the name Fearless in Flannel? Well, first of all, I love flannel. If you opened my closet right now the first thing you would see if a long row of flannels front and center. Secondly, being fearless doesn’t mean that you live without any fear, it means that you live in spite of your fears and doubts. You strive to overcome them and become a better you. That’s how I try to live my life : Fearlessly in Flannel (Andddd, I kind of really liked the alliteration, I’m somewhat of an English nerd. You will have to forgive me).

I am kind of new to this whole blogging thing, but a good friend of mine recently got me interested in the idea. She has been blogging for a while and I found the whole concept really interesting. I didn’t realize how big the blogging world had become. Before, I never thought that anyone would really care to read about what I had to say about not only things like beauty and fashion but about my own personal experiences and opinions as well. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned that knowledge is the key to success, and with knowledge comes a better understanding of others. When people read about your personal experiences and opinions, it helps them feel like they aren’t so alone. Knowing and understanding that they aren’t alone is beneficial in so many ways…

So sit back, relax, read & enjoy 🙂

xoxo, A


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